Entrainement What Are Some Of The Best Movies Of Vijay Thalapathy

What Are Some Of The Best Movies Of Vijay Thalapathy

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Are you familiar with the popular Tollywood fame Vijay Thalapathy?VijayThalapathy is a very famous face of the Tollywood industry. He has performed in several super-hit Tamil movies. A few of his popular and best movies in the industry are Ghilli,madhurey, Kushi and Sivakasi.

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Plot OfGhilli

This movie is about the protagonist Velu who is an aspiring kabaddi player. As Velu goes to Madurai to participate in a regional match, he there rescues a girl named Dhanalakshmi. He rescued the girl from the clutches of a powerful man who was adamant about marrying Dhanalakshmi against her will.


Plot OfMadhurey

The Plot of the movie Madhurey is about a vegetable vendor who is seen to be taking care of an older woman and her two younger daughters. But soon later, it was noticed that the dark past of the man had caught up with him.

Madureyvel is noted as a man who does not tolerate justice. He has been seen to win the heart with the good deeds that he had been committing.


Plot OfKusi

The storyline of Khushi revolves around Jenny and Shiva, who were college friends. But it was noticed that the friends parted ways due to a misunderstanding. Although the duo are in love with each other, they realize that they will not be able to live with each other. The ego of the two individuals is coming in between, restricting them from getting back together. Watch the movie Kuhi to know what happens next in the plot.


Plot OfSivakasi

The movie revolves around Muthappa, who runs away from his hometown due to his brother. Later as the year’s pass, it is noticed he returned to his hometown, and he figures that his brother has ruined his family.

Then the plot of the rest of the movie presents how Muthappa decides to take revenge on his brother.

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If you watch Tamil movies, then you must be familiar with the known personality Vijay Thalapathy. He has been cast in several Tamil action movies, such as Ghilli,madhurey, Kushi and Sivakasi. To watch any of the movies, hop onto the ahaPlatform. 

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