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How to collect urine sample from male,female,Infants and children

Urine is one of  the most frequently specimen submitted for culture in microbiology. Therefore the urine collection, transport, culture techniques, and interpretation of results is very important in order to obtain accurate and reliable result….

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3% Sulfosalicylic Acid Test for the Detection of Proteinuria

Sulfosalicylic Acid It is used to determined presence of proteins in urine sample by turbidimetric method. Unlike the routine urine protein dipstick pad, the Sulfosalicylic Acid reaction detect globulin and Bence-Jones proteins, in addition to…

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Clinical Significance of Various Crystals Found In Urine

Naturally, Urine is a solution that contains as many dissolved substances(solutes) eliminated by the body as waste chemicals. These solutes  have the abilities to form crystals especially at higher concentration that can equally increase or…

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