Dermatophyte Test Medium MLTGEEKS

Dermatophyte Test Medium principle and colonies morphology

Dermatophyte Test Medium abbreviated DTM is  a growth selective growth medium used for the selective isolation of dermatophytes. Dermatophytes are a distinct group of fungi that infect the skin,hair and nails of humans and animals…

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Fungal test MLTGEEKS

10% KOH Test for fungal element identification

KOH test is an easy microbiology test used for the identification of fungal elements or skin fungus from a yeast infection, candida infection and hyphae in skin scraping ,nail samples and other biological samples such…

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Black Mold Aspergillus niger on Potato Dextrose agar

Potato Dextrose Agar Principle,Composition and Colony characteristics

Potato dextrose agar is a fungi growth media recommended for the isolation and counting of yeasts and moulds from dairy products and other foodstuffs. It is also used for stimulating sporulation,maintaining stock cultures of certain…

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Laboratory Diagnosis of Fungal Infections mltgeeks


The laboratory diagnosis of fungal infection begins with the appropriate sample collection and transportation.In most fungal infections, identifications are primarily based on the assessment of colony morphology and microscopic characteristics.Key biochemistry tests may be required…

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Fungi Infection MLT GEEKS

Introduction to Medical Mycology and importance of Fungi

Mycology is the study of fungi though the term mycology is derived from the greek word “mykes” meaning mushroom.Mycology is the generalisation of fungi and represents one of the oldest discipline of microbiology. Fungi are…

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