How to decalcify tissues for Histopathological processing

Bone for Decalcification

The presence of calcium salts in tissues makes them difficult. This causes knife damage, tissue cutting difficulty. Calcium may also be present in normal tissues under pathological conditions such as necrotic tissue in tuberculosis. Decalcification is the process of removing calcium salts Why is Decalcificaition…

Minerals Functions,Sources and Deficiency

Minerals : Their Functions,Sources and Deficiency

Minerals are essential for the normal growth and maintenance of the body. If the daily requirement is more than 100 mg / day, they are called major elements and if the daily requirements is less than 100 mg / day, they are called minor elements….

Blood gases and electrolytes analysis


Electrolytes are charged particles (ions) dissolved in different fluid compartments (intravascular, interstitial and intracellular) of the body and perform a variety of functions in the human body.The clinical important electrolytes are: sodium, potassium, calcium, hydrogen and bicarbonate.Because hydrogen and bicarbonate ions mainly contribute to the…