Blood plasma

Difference Between Serum And Plasma

For some scientists and medical students, the difference between serum and plasma is just nomenclature and colour. On more than once occasion we’ve had to ask the difference between Serum and Plasma, only to hear,…

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Hugh Leifson Medium : Principle, Preparation and Colony Morphology

Hugh Leifson Medium : Principle, Preparation and Colony Morphology

Hugh Leifson Medium (Oxidative-Fermentative Medium ) is used to distinguish between anaerobic and aerobic breakdown of carbohydrate( glucose).Hugh Leifson Medium was developed by Hugh and Leifson.They described the taxonomic significance of fermentation and oxidative metabolism…

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WBC (White Blood Cell) Count: Purpose, Procedure, and Results

WBC Count : Principle, Procedure and Calculation

WBC diluting fluid is used to perform the WBC(leucocyte) count or white blood cell count Principle of WBC Diluting Fluid WBC diluting fluid is used to perform the WBC( leucocyte) count. Red cells are lysed…

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G6PD Methaemoglobin Reduction Test Principle and Interpretation

This is  one of the simpler and less expensive test to screen for G6PD deficiency.Deficiency or a  reduction in G6PD activity in red blood cells can cause an acute intravascular haemolysis following exposure to oxidant…

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Blood Grouping Kits MLTGEEKS

ABO and Rhesus Blood Grouping principles and Result interpretation

Blood grouping is a haematological haemagglutination test done to determine the blood group and Rh factor of an individual.It is the classification of blood based on the absence or presence of two inherited antigenic substances…

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blood transfusion reaction MLTGEEKS.jpg

Blood Transfusion reactions and Complications

Blood transfusion generally carries some risk of  reaction. Sometimes, the blood or blood components may act as a foreign protein or antigen that prompts immediate or delay  immune response or tissue reaction reason why compatibility…

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Blood composition, Properties and Functions

Blood consists of Plasma which is a fluid medium in which erythrocytes (RBC),Leukocytes (WBC) and thrombocytes (Platelets) are suspended.Plasma is a complex solution of proteins,salts and numerous metabolic substances. Composition of blood Blood is compose…

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