G6PD Methaemoglobin Reduction Test Principle and Interpretation


This is  one of the simpler and less expensive test to screen for G6PD deficiency.Deficiency or a  reduction in G6PD activity in red blood cells can cause an acute intravascular haemolysis following exposure to oxidant agents such as fava beans(favism),neonatal jaundice and less commonly chronic…


Types of Blood transfusion

Types of Blood Group MLTGEEKS

There are three type of blood transfusion thus : Autologous blood transfusion (ABT) Exchange blood transfusion (EBT) Donor-recipient blood transfusion Autologous blood transfusion (ABT) From the word ‘’Autologous” which means derived from the same individual ,This involves the collection and infusion of the patient’s own…

Venipuncture in Medical Laboratory – Arteries or veins

venipuncture MLT GEEKS

According to Wikipedia, venepuncture or venipuncture is the puncture of a vein as part of a medical procedure, typically to withdraw a blood sample or for an intravenous injection. In order to carry out this process, it is essential to follow a Standard Operating Procedure…