Auramine Phenol stain Mycobacterium tuberculosis MLTGEEKS

Auramine Phenol staining technique for Acid Fast Bacilli

Phenolic Auramine is used as primary staining solution in fluorescent staining. It is a staining technique mostly used because of it high sensitivity to detect mycobacterium tuberculosis in sputum,csf and other specimen as compared to…

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Acid Fast Bacilli Ziehl Neelsen staining technique Principle, Procedure and reporting

Acid-fastness  refers to  a physical property of certain bacterial or group of bacteria and eukaryotic cells, as well as some sub-cellular structures found in a organism, which makes it resistant to decolorization by the acid…

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Acid Fast organisms not Always Mycobacterium species

Nowaday,when we hear of acid fast organism,we primarily think of Mycobacterium species such as tuberculosis,leprae etc.           Acid-fast organisms such as members of the genus Mycobacterium are  differentiated and identify using an…

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