Schaeffer & Fulton’s Spore Stain principle,procedure and result (endospore stain)

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Schaeffer & Fulton's Spore Stain MLTGEEKS

Schaeffer & Fulton’s Spore Stain is a microbiological stain used for staining bacterial spores.A spore is a dormant form of a bacterium that allows it to survive in drastic environmental conditions. Spores have a tough external cover made of protein keratin that is resistant to heat and chemicals. Keratin also resists staining, so extreme measures are needed to stain the spore.

Principle of Schaeffer & Fulton’s Spore Stain

  • A primary stain- malachite green is forced into the spore by steaming the bacterial emulsion in the Schaeffer- Fulton method.Malachite green is soluble in water and has low affinity for cellular material, so vegetative cells can be discolored with water.
  • Vegetative cells are then countered by safranin
  • Spores may be located in the center of the cell, at the end or between the end and middle of the cell.
  • Spore shape may also be used for diagnostic purposes. Spores might be spherical or elliptic.
  • Corynebacterium members may exhibit club- shaped swellings that may be confused with spores. Spore staining differs between real spores and those structures.

Composition of Schaeffer & Fulton’s Spore Stain

Schaeffer & Fulton’s Spore Stain A

Malachite green5.000 gram
Distilled water100.000 ml

Schaeffer & Fulton’s Spore Stain B

Safranin O0.500 gram
Distilled water100.000 ml

Procedure for spore staining using  Schaeffer & Fulton’s Spore Stain

Schaeffer & Fulton's Spore Stain procedure
Schaeffer & Fulton’s Spore Stain procedure
  1. Prepare a smear of the culture. Air dry it and fix with gentle heat.
  2. Flood the entire slide, with aqueous malachite green/Schaeffer and Fulton Spore Stain A
  3. Steam for 3-6 minutes, and rinse under running tap water.
  4. Counterstain with 0.5% aqueous safranin/Schaeffer and Fulton Spore Stain B for 30 seconds.
  5. Wash with water, dry and observe under oil immersion lens.
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Observation and Interpretation

Spore staining is performed and the characteristics of the organism are observed under the microscope with the use of the oil immersion lens.

Vegetative cells Red
Schaeffer & Fulton's Spore Stain

Schaeffer & Fulton’s Spore Stain 

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