Business Key Figure In The Massive Rikvip Online Gambling Case Sends Shockwaves Through Vietnam

Key Figure In The Massive Rikvip Online Gambling Case Sends Shockwaves Through Vietnam

Key Figure In The Massive Rikvip Online Gambling Case Sends Shockwaves Through Vietnam post thumbnail image

Nguyen Van Duong, 46, emerges as a central figure in the high-profile RikVip online gambling case that rocked the nation in 2028. The RikVip gambling ring amassed tremendous revenue and profits and involved numerous complex entities, including some government officials. According to reports, Nguyen Van Duong spearheaded this case and pocketed over 1,655 billion dong.

Nguyen Van Duong, the chairman of CNC Company, founded in September 2011 with an initial capital of 20 billion dong. The company operated in three main sectors: electronic payment services, collection and disbursement services within a 10-year term, and e-wallet services. Prior to assuming this position, Nguyen Van Duong served as the Chairman of the Board of UDIC Investment Corporation, a subsidiary of the investor consortium for the Bac Giang – Lang Son expressway construction project.

During the investigation, it was revealed that the RikVip online gambling network had protection from several high-ranking leaders in the law enforcement sector. One of them was Nguyen Thanh Hoa, who held the position of Director of C50 Division. Despite Hoa’s responsibility to prevent and handle legal violations committed by Nguyen Van Duong, he failed to fulfill his role effectively.

The RikVip case came to light with a complaint filed by Ms. Vo Minh P. in Phu Tho province in May 2017. Ms. P. fell victim to a fraud and lost over 50 million dong through mobile payment methods. The provincial police accepted this complaint and formed a special task force to investigate. The fraudster in question was Le Van Huy, 21, residing in Quang Tri. Huy was subsequently arrested for further investigation into the fraud case.

During the investigation, Le Van Huy confessed to deceiving Ms. Vo Minh P. to embezzle over 50 million dong and depositing this amount into the RikVip gambling platform. After discovering that all similar fraud cases were linked to the RikVip platform, the Phu Tho provincial police expanded their investigation to uncover the large-scale gambling network led by Nguyen Van Duong.

Another crucial figure in this case is Phan Sao Nam, the former Chairman of the Board and CEO of VTC Online Company. Nam possessed deep knowledge of information technology and co-founded the RikVip/Tip.Club gambling software. He signed a contract with Nam Viet Company to establish the infrastructure for online gambling, with servers located in Hanoi. Phan Sao Nam designed rewarding card games to illicitly profit, accumulating over 1,475 billion dong. To launder this money, Nam entered buying and selling contracts with various companies to distribute profit percentages. Phan Sao Nam employed money laundering techniques to generate valuable assets.

The RikVip online gambling case and Nguyen Van Duong’s role have caused significant shockwaves and controversy in public opinion. It has exposed serious issues regarding management, supervision, and the accountability of relevant authorities. Ensuring fair and strict prosecution in this case will play a crucial role in restoring public trust and enhancing the quality of crime prevention efforts in society.

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