Bone for Decalcification

How to decalcify tissues for Histopathological processing

The presence of calcium salts in tissues makes them difficult. This causes knife damage, tissue cutting difficulty. Calcium may also be present in normal tissues under pathological conditions such as necrotic tissue in tuberculosis. Decalcification…

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museum fixative and preservation

How to preserve museum specimens (Museum mounting techniques)

All teaching hospitals and colleges of pathology have museums that serve many functions: permanent exhibition of common specimens for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching purposes such as collected animals, illustration of rare specimens, permanent source of…

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Papanicolaou stain : Principle ,Procedure and Result Interpretation

Papanicolaou stains : Principle ,Procedure and Interpretation

Papanicolaou stains are used to differentiate cells in smear preparations of various body secretions. Pap stain is a very reliable technique. As such, it is used for cervical cancer screening.Malignant cells are generally characterized by…

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How decalcify Tissue for Histological Processing mltgeeks

How to decalcify Tissue for Histological Processing

The presence of calcium salts in the tissue makes them hard. This causes damage to the knife and difficulty cutting tissue. Calcium is usually found in bones and teeth. Calcium may also be present in…

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Hematoxylin and eosin stain mltgeeks

Properties and Principles of Hematoxylin & Eosin staining technique

In histopathology,the sections (microtomy) as they are prepared are colourless and different components cannot be appreciated. Staining of tissues(histochemical staining) with different coloured dyeshaving affinities for specific components of the  tissue, makes identification and study…

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Microanatomical,Cytological and Histochemical fixatives

Some fixatives are made by combining one or more fixative so that the disadvantage of one are reduced by use of another fixative.These types of fixatives are known as compound fixatives.All these compound fixatives have…

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Fixatives MLTGEEKS

Types and Choice of fixatives used in Histopathology

Fixative brings about a crosslinking of protein which denature or coagulate proteins so that the semifluid state is converted into semisolid state so that it maintains everything in vivo in relation to each other.Therefore a…

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Fixation in Histopathology MLTGEEKS

Fixation and properties of an ideal fixatives in Histopathology

Fixation in histopathology is a complex series of chemical events which brings about changes in the various chemical constituents of cell like hardening but doesn’t alter or change the cell structural details and morphology.Instead,fixation is…

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Introduction to Histopathology MLTGEEKS

Introduction to Histopathology

What is Histopathology It is a branch of pathology or clinical pathology which deals with  the study of diseases in a tissue section.These tissues undergoes series of steps before reaching the histopathologist desk for microscopic…

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