Vitamin A: Functions, Deficiency and Toxicity

Good sources of Vitamin A

Vitamin A belongs to the fat soluble vitamins. Its active form is present only in animal tissues meanwhile the pro-vitamin, beta-carotene is present in plant tissues. Beta carotene is made up of two beta ionone rings which are connected by a polyprenoid chain. Theoretically, one…

3 Functions Of The Kidneys You Need to Know Now


In the urinary system, the two kidneys form and secretes urine by peristalsis. Urine is conveyed from each kidneys into the urinary bladder. This provides temporary storage for about 300 ml urine which is eventually voided to the exterior through the urethra. Where Is The…

Difference Between Fat-Soluble and Water-Soluble Vitamins

Fruits and their vitamin content

Vitamins can be defined as organic compounds occurring in small quantities in different natural foods and are necessary for growth and maintenance of good health. Vitamins can also be defined as essential food factors, which are required for the proper utilization of food such as…

Minerals Functions,Sources and Deficiency

Minerals : Their Functions,Sources and Deficiency

Minerals are essential for the normal growth and maintenance of the body. If the daily requirement is more than 100 mg / day, they are called major elements and if the daily requirements is less than 100 mg / day, they are called minor elements….

Blood gases and electrolytes analysis


Electrolytes are charged particles (ions) dissolved in different fluid compartments (intravascular, interstitial and intracellular) of the body and perform a variety of functions in the human body.The clinical important electrolytes are: sodium, potassium, calcium, hydrogen and bicarbonate.Because hydrogen and bicarbonate ions mainly contribute to the…

How to carryout kidney Function Tests: Purpose, Types, and Procedure

kidney function test MLTGEEKS

The kidney’s primary function is to excrete water soluble waste products from the body.It also  has different filtration, excretion and secretary functions.The disruption of any of these functions would either lead to a reduction in the excretion of waste products and, consequently, their accumulation in…


Liver function test parameters MLTGEEKS

The Liver function tests or liver function blood test mostly abbreviated in some laboratories as (lft) are a group of tests done in order to assess the functional capacity of the liver as well as to detect any cellular damage to the liver cells(hepatocytes) or liver…

Types of Jaundice and their causes

Types of jaundice

Jaundice is an unnatural yellow coloration of the skin or sclera which is due to the presence of bilirubin in plasma in concentrations greater than 40 mmol / L. The normal concentration of bilirubin in the plasma is under 22 mmol / L. There are…

3% Sulfosalicylic Acid Test for the Detection of Proteinuria


Sulfosalicylic Acid It is used to determined presence of proteins in urine sample by turbidimetric method. Unlike the routine urine protein dipstick pad, the Sulfosalicylic Acid reaction detect globulin and Bence-Jones proteins, in addition to albumin (although it is more sensitive to albumin). In alkaline…

How Hormones Regulates blood glucose level

Insulin hormone MLTGEEKS

When the level of glucose is higher than normal,the beta cells of the islets of langerhans  in the pancreas are stimulated to secrete insulin. Actions of Insulin in the Regulation of blood glucose level Insulin facilitates or stimulates the conversion of excess glucose to glycogen…