Papanicolaou stain : Principle ,Procedure and Result Interpretation

Papanicolaou stains : Principle ,Procedure and Interpretation

Papanicolaou stains are used to differentiate cells in smear preparations of various body secretions. Pap stain is a very reliable technique. As such, it is used for cervical cancer screening.Malignant cells are generally characterized by…

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Field Stain principle,composition,procedure and interpretation (test to detect malaria)

Field’s Stain is a histological staining techniques and romanowsky stain, used for rapid processing of blood specimens and is used to stain thick and thin film (thick film vs thin film) of blood to detect…

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Schaeffer & Fulton's Spore Stain MLTGEEKS

Schaeffer & Fulton’s Spore Stain principle,procedure and result (endospore stain)

Schaeffer & Fulton’s Spore Stain is a microbiological stain used for staining bacterial spores.A spore is a dormant form of a bacterium that allows it to survive in drastic environmental conditions. Spores have a tough…

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Hematoxylin and eosin stain mltgeeks

Properties and Principles of Hematoxylin & Eosin staining technique

In histopathology,the sections (microtomy) as they are prepared are colourless and different components cannot be appreciated. Staining of tissues(histochemical staining) with different coloured dyeshaving affinities for specific components of the  tissue, makes identification and study…

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Auramine Phenol stain Mycobacterium tuberculosis MLTGEEKS

Auramine Phenol staining technique for Acid Fast Bacilli

Phenolic Auramine is used as primary staining solution in fluorescent staining. It is a staining technique mostly used because of it high sensitivity to detect mycobacterium tuberculosis in sputum,csf and other specimen as compared to…

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Lactophenol Cotton Blue stain principle and interpretation for Fungi specimen

Fungi are members of  the eukaryotic organism and they are classified into two main groups that is yeast and molds.Those fungi capable of exhibiting this to stages are known as dimorphic fungi. Fungi cell wall…

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Gram stain kit MLT GEEKS

Gram stain : Principle, preparation of reagents and Interpretation

Gram stain is  one of the most common staining technique used for examining specimens suspected to contain bacteriologic agents. The direct microscopic examination of specimens and cultures can provide a rapid presumptive diagnosis meanwhile gram…

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Albert stain MLTGEEKS

Albert staining of metachromatic granules ideal for Corynebacterium diphtheriae

This staining technique is used to stain the volutin or metachromatic granules of  corynebacterium diphtheriae,other corynebacterium species and occasionally Bacillus species especially when the organism is cultured on a protein rich medium such as dorset…

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Acridine orange film of vaginal swab MLTGEEKS.JPG

Acridine Orange staining techniques ideal for Trichomonas vaginalis

This staining technique has been recommended for the rapid identification of Trichomonas vaginalis ,clue cells and yeast cells in genital tract specimens.It is also used to detect intracellular meningococci,gonococci  in cervical and urethral smears and…

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Acid Fast Bacilli Ziehl Neelsen staining technique Principle, Procedure and reporting

Acid-fastness  refers to  a physical property of certain bacterial or group of bacteria and eukaryotic cells, as well as some sub-cellular structures found in a organism, which makes it resistant to decolorization by the acid…

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