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Mltgeeks.com is a Medical Laboratory Blog launched in February 2018 . On the latter, we discuss many topics related to Medical Laboratory Science. We are working hard enough to stay up-to-date inorder to share relevant Laboratory science articles with you. Several Standard Operating procedures and PDF notes to download are available here.We make sure our readers always discover new content every day.

We always make sure to simplify the comprehension of each article through a simple style, details and illustrations. Our exchanges through the comments are mutually enriching. Your loyalty honors us and helps us produce more qualified content on a regular basis.

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Criticisms and suggestions : There is no human work that can not be improved. We are open to constructive proposals and criticisms. Only in this way will the Perfect Laboratory Geek community grow by improving the services offered and bringing together more loyal readers.

Guess Editor : The strength lies in the number. A blogging adventure is not as exciting as being in a community and working together. Our team will always be honored to welcome new passionate editors. More quality articles produced, more satisfied readers.

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Above all : know that we take the pleasure of reading all your messages. Unfortunately, we can not respond to all queries. Messages of assistance are sometimes so numerous that we prefer to answer through l publications and comments.

Note : for sponsored articles, services and offers of any kind, during your formulation, we recommend you to be precise.

Our contacts : You can contact us by email or phone call:

1. Email address support (at) Laboratology@gmail.com

2. Contacts : 00237 670011645 .

3. Facebook : https://web.facebook.com/MLTGEEKS